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About Us

VEEKAY … the making


In 1961, Ramakant V Doshi had embarked on a journey with a vision to create an entity that would leave a mark in the diamond jewellery industry. He started small in Chennai and was helped by his brother Devendra Doshi who first set up Kamlesh Diamonds in Bangalore in 1971. Soon Vinod Doshi also joined them and he chose to do it with Veekay Diamants in Mumbai in 1975 in the hub of the country’s diamond market at Prasad. As the businesses grew, with offices, Harendra Doshi also joined his elder brother in Chennai at Ramakant & Co. Till now, all the business that the brothers were involved with only covered loose gemstones, diamonds and pearls.


The brothers soon realized that the Jewellery industry was the next step, where the value addition largely was dependent. The time was ripe for Diamond Jewellery Exports and the brothers had tuned themselves to manufacturing jewellery through skilled artisans in the domestic regions. Around this time Kamlesh Doshi moved on to Belgium and set up office there in Antwerp called Varundiam from where he sourced the finest quality of diamonds for the Group. The base for Veekay was now established and to give it further strength. A modern factory was taken up in SEEPZ (Special Economic Zone) using the latest technological advancements for manufacturing jewellery for the international market.  Once learning the benefits machinery involved in the process another factory has been erected to serve purely for the domestic market under the label of VEEKAY DIAMANTS PVT LTD. A new company in Mumbai has also been set up for the distribution of branded Swiss watches.


After 4 decades, the group emerges as the VEEKAY GROUP and hence the emergence of Veekay Jewels Bvba in Antwerp. Engineered by Varun Doshi, this company will market their products to international markets made with real Indian manufacturing expertise and supported with the latest machinery for manufacturing and communication systems for prompt customer service. A good design and concepts team also supports their efforts.

Veekay Jewels is created with a Customer Centric Focus in the core 4 areas: 





          Customer Satisfaction


Give Veekay Jewels a chance because…..We Care !!